Online Readings & Personalised Meditations

Bright blessings, I am so happy & grateful to have you here my friend…

This page contains information regarding the online Readings and services that I currently offer, with new things in the pipeline!

The readings are done without the need of an appointment using a combination of divination and mediumship, with the intention that all things that come through, do so in love, light and sincerity, to serve your highest good at that time. They are recorded as an Mp3 file for you to listen to whenever is convenient for you.

Vouchers are available, but I do not do a reading for anyone without their permission to do so.

I would like to make it very clear, that Tarot readings are not a fortune telling tool, they do not predict the future, only propose potential outcomes if things are not changed. They are a tool to make the unconscious concious, and to bring things to your awareness - for you to be able to view things from a different perspective, and shed light on the way things are currently or have been in the past.

They are a tool for connecting with our Ancestors, Angels and Spirit Guides, to give us guidance, reassurance and information about situations we find ourselves in.

Spirit will NEVER tell you what decision to make. They will merely shed light on possible outcomes - The choice is ALWAYS yours to make.

Payment is required in advance via Paypal or Bank Transfer - receipts are available on request.

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Quick Question

This is a quick reading, to help you find guidance or clarity with one particular question or issue.

Examples of Questions include:

What do I need to release in order to move forward?

What do I need to know in order to overcome this particular challenge that I’m facing?

What do my Ancestors, Angels & Guides wish for me to know at this particular time?

What can I do to assist my healing/ accelerate my spiritual development/ connect with my purpose?

These tend to last 20-25 minutes (approx.)

Cost: £22.22 (GBP)


Full Reading

This is an in depth reading that goes into a great amount of detail relating to the topic/ life area you choose. You can choose from any of the following:

Life Purpose - Shadow Work - Chakra Work - Wholistic Healing - Soul Alignment - Spiritual Unfoldment - Love & Relationships

Or alternatively you can ask your own questions (up to 3), or you can leave it open to hear whatever you need to know to help you at this particular time.

Cost : £55.55 (GBP)

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Moon Goddess Bundles

Perfect for anyone drawn to the power & magick of the moon, & those who wish to harness it's incredible power.

Working with this energy is profoundly transformative & radically life changing.

These bundles are made up of readings sent out to you every new & full moon,helping to assist you in releasing what no longer serves you, & attracting whatever you wish to manifest, if it is in alignment with your highest good.


For 3 months = £133 (GBP)

6 months = £266 (GBP)

1 year = £533 (GBP)

Guided Meditation

Bespoke Guided Meditations / Journeys

This is a personlised recording to meet your specific needs or desires, wherever you are on your journey…

For healing, spiritual exploration, connecting on a deeper level with your higher self, releasing what is no longer serving you, developing your spiritual abilities, manifesting your desires, and so much more…

15 minute or 30 minute recordings are available, and will require an in depth assessment to find out whatever it is you would like to achieve during these meditations.

Cost: 15 minutes = £25 (GBP) / 30 minutes = £40 (GBP)

Contact with any questions., or DM through my Social Media Platforms.

Once payment is received, if I havent previously spoken to you, I will contact you via email to find out your question(s)/ requirements.

With regards to readings, PLEASE DO NOT share too much information with me about your current situation as it may confuse matters during the reading, and I want people to know that the information that I share with you is genuinely downloaded from Source/Spirit.