Online Readings & Bundles

Below is information on the online readings, and reading bundles that offer, they are sent an an mp3 file, directly to your email inbox. Vouchers and text files are available on request.

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3 Card Reading

This is a quick reading, to help you find guidance or clarity with one particular question or issue. These tend to last 20-25 minutes (approx.)



1 hour reading

This is an in depth reading to help you find clarity, and bring you guidance and reassurance. This can focus on up to 3 questions or issues that you would like to shed light on.


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2019 Reading

Are you intrigued to find out what 2019 might hold for you?

Would you like to know what you need to release in order to live your best life, or to manifest what you've been asking for, with advice on how to do it?

Would you like to know what challenges may lie ahead, or what gifts may be coming?

My 2019 reading cover all of this and more, including: Life purpose, Love & Romance, Health, Wealth, Career, & even your Spiritual Development Journey...

It also brings forward advice, guidance and wisdom from your ancestors, angels & spirit guides, as well as personalised tips to help strengthen your relationship with them.

This reading is sent as a number of audio recordings in one go.

It's actual value is £200! But costs only £77.77

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Golden Alignment & Spiritual Awakening Bundle

This bundle is for people on a journey of Spiritual Awakening, Healing & Self Mastery.

It will include information to...

- Help people stay on track, dive deeper, know where to focus their energy and efforts, and negotiate any potential hurdles;

- To shed light on all the different life areas, & look at what needs to be done in order to make huge leaps forward on their journey and path; in developing their relationship with their higher selves, & their ancestors, angels and spirit guides;

- To get into alignment with their soul, to get to a place of balance, and hold that space.

It includes approximately 2 hours of readings, guided meditations and more...

To help 2019 be the most transformative, healing, and empowering yet!

Total value of bundle is £388, costs only £147.77


Monthly Readings Bundles

A bundle for those who would like a personalised energy forecast & Tarot reading sent to them every month.

Covering things like: Challenges you may face and how to overcome them; Areas of your life that need healing and guidance on how to do that;
How to get into, or stay in alignment with your higher self and soul's purpose; Any guidance your ancestors, angels & guides feel that you need.

The readings will be sent at the beginning of every month, lasting approx 20-30 minutes.

3 month = £88; 6 month = £177; 1 Year = £299*

(1 Year bundles include a reading sent on your birthday!) (Value £55.55)

Moon Goddess bundle.jpg

Moon Goddess Bundles

Perfect for anyone drawn to the power & magick of the moon, & those who wish to harness it's incredible power.

Working with this energy is profoundly transformative & radically life changing.

These bundles are made up of readings sent out to you every new & full moon,helping to assist you in releasing what no longer serves you, & attracting whatever you wish to manifest, if it is in alignment with your highest good.

3 month = £133, 6 month = £266 & 1 year = £533

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The Pagan Year Bundle

This incredible reading bundle is for all of the witches, pagans & nature worshippers...

To help people connect with and embrace the natural energy & power of each of the pagan festivals...

To receive guidance, inspiration and wisdom, & deepen their connection to their ancestors...

For healing, empowerment, clearing and magick, moving with purpose towards their greatest life and life's true purpose.

This bundle includes full tarot readings with specialised spreads, sent out for each of the Sabbats - starting at Yule & finishing at Samhain.

It also includes a reading sent on the person's birthday!


If you would like to book an in person reading, I do two sessions a month - one in Cardiff, and one in Bridgend.

Contact me for more information.