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Tea & Tarot

Tea & Tarot Workshops:

Tea & Tarot is now on a Sunday morning! 😁🥰✨🦋💐💫🔮☕

The last few months of Tea & Tarot have been absolutely so incredible, but I feel that is time to move it to a Sunday to open it up to more people who have expressed an interest but can't come during the week due to work commitments!

These morning sessions are perfect for anyone wishing to develop their card reading - for personal use, or for reading for others! To discover the cards real potential and to also see their own gifts expand and grow ✨🌱🦋

It is an opportunity to dive in to this practise, meet like minded people, and pick my brains about all things Tarot, Psychic Awareness & Spiritual exploration...

Each session has a slightly different theme, but is mostly focused around whatever people want help with on the day, including getting to know the story and archetypes within the deck, interpreting symbols, connecting with spirit guides & developing intuition! (Among many other things!). But most importantly building people's confidence with using this incredible divination tool!

Only £22.22!

It is only open to a small number every month to keep things nice and intimate, and to give people the opportunity to practise their skills with assistance from me if necessary.

Everyone who attends will.have cards read for them, either by myself or others in the group, so free readings are thrown in! Who wouldn't want that?!

Upcoming dates:

28th July 2019

25th August 2019

29th September 2019

27th October 2019

Inner City Soul Sanctuary

The Inner City Soul Sanctuary

The Inner-City Soul Sactuary is a space for you to come to feel safe, supported and your soul nourished...

It is a cocoon, a get away, a sacred and relaxing space for people to shut out the world, in cosiness and comfort, awash with plant medcine, healing sound, and peaceful, heart-centred intention...

The aim of the Soul Sanctuary is for me to hold space for people to come and simply be...

It delivers an opportunity to raise your vibration, to get grounded, centred & deeply relaxed... to have your energy cleared and energy stores replenished...

It allows you to have time and space for yourself,to breathe deep, to be in the moment and connect deeply with yourself. It gives you the opportunity to leave the world outside behind for a few hours while you nurture your mind, body & soul.

In the time we will spend together we will be doing guided meditation and breathwork, energy clearing rituals, aromatherapy & Ayurvedic marma massage, some sound healing, but most importantly I will be holding space for people to reconnect with themselves, let go of tension they may be carrying, and have some perhaps much needed personal time.

The cost of attending The Inner City Soul Sanctuary is £33. All refreshments will be included.

Due to the intimate nature of this gathering, and the limited space in the Yoga studio at Gaia Lifestyle Centre, places are limited to 6 people, so dont delay in messaging me if you are interested.

Upcoming dates:

14th July 2019

22nd September 2019

Wellness & Yoga Workshop details coming soon!