Card of the day: 17th July 2018: Ace of Swords

Card of the Day - Ace of Swords - Holly Charles - Holly's Holistic Healing

Card of the day 17/07/2018

Today’s card of the day is the Ace of Swords!

This card is packed with so much symbolism, and so much power! Aces are cards of unlimited potential, and Swords are related to knowledge, understanding & strength. This card, today represents a rising up, an unleashing of confidence, understanding and connectedness. An awareness that everything happens in cycles, and now is the time that you are receiving or feeling a clarity in all that you do.

Your connection with source is now stronger than ever, and you are feeling stronger than ever. The storm clouds are dispersing and you are taking flight, with a clearer vision of what is down the road for you. You are no longer focusing on the short term gains or goals, but you are beginning to understand the relevance and power behind looking at the bigger picture and focusing on the outcomes you want rather than getting hung up on how it is you are going to get there.

If you are not feeling this, then let this card act as a reminder of the potential and the promise the future can hold if we keep our mindset right, and our focus on what we hope to achieve or receive. Remember that everything happens in cycles, and there must always be ups and downs. Our biggest strengths come from challenges we have faced, so know there is golden opportunities in every perceived catastrophe. What must you learn to move forward? What must you release to be liberated? Emotionally, physically and spiritually? One cannot be changed without an impact on the other 2 aspects.

Your Ancestors, Angels and Guides are supporting you 100%, know that they will not let you down. The wisdom that they bring is also within you. Tapping into it will help you to manifest miracles... As Rebecca Campbell would say - Breathe...Believe... Receive....

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This card is from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot.