Tarot Reading - 26th March 2017

Hello beautiful co-creators!

It is that time of the month again, where I post a Tarot card reading to help with any guidance or wisdom to help you through a particular issue or situation in your life!

This months reading is relating to resolving a conflict that is ongoing in your life at the moment, whether that be on a personal, professional or emotional level...

So pick a card, you can pick more than one if you wish, and carry on reading to find out what it means....

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Ths first card:

King of cups (reversed):

The situation you find yourself in at the moment is one where you feel you have little or no control over your emotions. They are getting the better of you and you are struggling to get a handle on them. Whatever or whoever this issue is, can cause you to go from calm to extremely angry/ upset in 0 seconds flat!

You find this hard to get your head around as all rationality goes out of the window, and you are trying hard to work out what it is about this that gets so deep under your skin... just when you think you are able to rise above it, something grabs you by the ankle and pulls you back in.

The advice that is coming here is to sit back and observe your mind & emotions... what is it that you are thinking when your mind and emotions begin to reel... what aspect of yourself is jumping to the defensive, or is feeling threatened by the situation? (This is where writing and journalling are incredibly useful!) It is the things that we have the strongest reaction to that require our attention. They call for us to look inward and focus on ourselves. They are often our biggest teachers/ lessons...

So rather that allowing this to continue - sit, examine, reflect, and use this as an opportunity to learn and to grow. It is an opportunity for massive personal development, and letting go of something big that is holding you back, or is causing you damage that you are either unaware is there or have been trying hard to ignore.

If you feel you are having trouble articulating or explaing yourself in this situation, and the anger and emotion is coming from a place of frustration or a place where you feel you have no control, then these steps to actually look inward and analyse the internal processes will help you to take control back, and also make you better able to articulate yourself with those who are dominating the situation.

But please, do not beat yourself up about feeling your emotions or allowing them to flow. They should never be bottled up. Allowing them to flow can allow them to be released. It is when you start going back to the same place, allowing the same triggers, and the same situation or type of situation to occur and overwhelm you again and again that you need to take a long look at yourself and those emotions, and work out exactly what it is you need to change to prevent this cycle from repeating. Break the cycle. Stop, reflect, and make the relevant changes so you don/t have to keep putting yourself through this again and again and again...

Key words/ phrases: Take control back, look within, break the cycle...

The Second card:

Two of Swords (Reversed)

For whatever reason, things here have become very out of balance. You have been giving up your personal power, and have been feeling that someone or something else has been having/taking control. You have been ignoring your intuition on this matter, and although you have the knowledge and understanding of the situation and all that is involved, for some reason you are taking a back seat on not stepping forward and taking some of the control back.

For whatever reason,  you have been hiding your true thoughts and feelings about the situation, and if you want to make changes and for things to move forward, you need to allow yourself to speak up. If it is because you are worried about what you will say when you open your mouth and the impact that this will have, don't be... by speaking up the situation will automatically improve. I genuinely feel that the other person or people involved in this situation are completely unaware of the impact that it has been having on you because you have done such a good job of 'sucking it up' and carrying on despite your feelings. Allow your intuition to guide you, and stop ignoring those impulses you have to take action and make changes.

You have all the tools necessary - the ability to articulate, the fact that you have been keeping your cool, and the fact that you have a great knowledge and understanding of the subject at hand & what has been going on. Becaue of this it is imposssibe for your intentions to be misconstrude or minsinterpreted.

Stop suffering in silence, and stand up to be counted, otherwise change will never happen. You must do what feels right to you, and speak to the right people... you will know when the time is right. Just take a deep breath and be brave...

There is a bright new start and a complete energy shift waiting for you... spring is here, and it is time to spring clean your life and any toxic situations that are putting a dampener on everything else.

Key words/ phrases: Open up to the possibility that you have exactly what it takes, you have the ability to make big changes, trust your instincts and intuition to know when to act.

Card 3:

The Wheel (Reversed)

Well goodness me, this situation is definitely causing some confusion... you don't know whether you are coming or you're going, and it is affecting every aspect of your life at the moment. When you think things are starting to come back into balance, another curve ball is thrown into the mix and you just don't know how to get it to stop...

You have been poised for action, or have been anticipating problems and issues for so long now that you are becoming exhausted. Mental fatigue is setting in and you are at a loss as to know what can possibly be done to rectify any of what has been going on...

Here I must stress to you that it is important to go easy on yourself. Life is naturally made up of cycles, in the world around us, and also internally. We can't do everything at once, and we cannot maintain the same levels of enthusiasm, creativity, productivity, emotional stability, harmony, and vitality constantly! It is just impossible... it is when we expect this of ourselves in order to accomplish everything on our to do lists by yesterday that we start to unravel and fray at the edges... you need to cut yourself some slack, and stop setting unrealistic expectations for yourself, and for the person or situation that this card is referring to.

We are all at different places at different times, and sometimes the place differnt people are at is not conducive to the relationship or the situation that we are in with them... so meet that with acceptance, and know when to take a time out, or to just shut off and disengage from it for the benefit of all parties. We can't be everything for every body all of the time, and we can't expect that from others either. You need to be more compassionate with yourself and with others, and the waters will begin to calm and return to the ebb and flow that is natural and harmonious, rather that the whirlwind and volatility that has been around you of late.

You need to set yourself adrfit and just go with the flow rather that trying to grip on tight and hold on to things that cannot be controlled... If you do this, things in your life will become much more harmonious, because truly it is only how you think and feel about situations that is in your control... when you accept this you will be free from the whirlwind and the stresses and strains that come with trying to keep up with it and trying to control the uncontrollable.

Key words/ Phrases: Just let go and go with the flow, be compassionate with yourself and others, every step forward is progress - not everything can happen at a rate that we want it to.


I hope that you found this reading helpful, and that you can take some wisdom from it that will help you on your journey!

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Love, light & many blessings!



Namaste, In Lakech a'la Kin, Ieuchyd da