Time for a more authentic approach!

For many years I have been living a double life... My life as a Holistic Therapist, and my life as a 'Mystic'. It is only in the last couple of years that I have started opening up about my Spiritual life. For over 10 years I have always had one foot dipped into the Spirit world, and one foot in this one.

My life as a Medium, Clairvoyant, Psychic, etc. is one that I have kept slightly private, due to fear of judgements, and stigma... but earlier this year I wrote this piece of philosophy that I would like to share with you...

Embracing your Spirituality
"I think right now what the world needs is more people living with more truth, and more integrity. Authenticity and transparency are needed so tremendously in this world obsessed with materialism and superficiality…
We need to stop paying lip service to those people around us who live in a way that contrasts with our own. We need to stand up and say what we believe and live our life by that. No more hiding away, or fading in to the background... especially when things are said and done that we disagree with.
This isn’t as easy as it may appear, it will expose our vulnerabilities, and may of course bring rise to some conflicts, or people distancing themselves from us. But truly, does it matter?
What people think or say about us has so much more to do with them, than it does with us. And if it does hurt, we need to look inward and examine why it hurts us? What old wound is this aggravating? What is it about what they are saying that threatens me? What about me does it threaten? You can turn this hurt into a valuable lesson, and use it to help you grow and evolve past worrying what other people think or say.
What does it say about a person if they are not respectful enough to respect our views and agree to disagree with us… the worst that can happen is that people decide they don’t want to bother with us anymore… well that is one less insincere, and uncompassionate person in your life. Good riddance.
It is difficult to be of this understanding (a spiritualist) in the modern world. People are so quick to be skeptical, and to mock us… calling us cracked, loopy, delusional… or worse. But if they are so firm in their beliefs, what we believe should not threaten that in the slightest. And surely they would prefer us to be right deep down?
I have come to the realisation recently, that for every outspoken skeptic, you will have a multitude of quiet supporters, and like I said, what people say or think about you has more to do with them than it does with you.
We need to embrace our differences, embrace our ‘strangeness’. After all, we are the ones who know and understand that we have constant support from the non-physical worlds, especially when we ask for it. We are the ones who pray – sending out healing and love, and support to our friends and loved ones. We are the ones that little by little are raising the vibration of the world, and we are the ones that know, no matter what we do, no matter what the circumstances, our loved ones and team mates in the spirit world have got out backs.
So speak up, be open and honest, and remember the comfort it brings to have knowledge that we are eternal beings, that this world is only temporary. Speak of your trust and belief that life goes on, That we are not alone, That prayers are answered and that miracles do in fact exist.
You never know, people once skeptical may be touched by your words, and be comforted and opened up by them when something happens, possibly years from now…
I will say this though, there is something to be said for using your intuition in these matters… we are all at different levels of awareness and understanding – that is the point of being here – to evolve and grow… and those of us that are lower down in the awareness spectrum can be quite aggressively skeptical… which is something I have always found so bizarre, especially as I grew up in a country where spirit & ancestor worship was the norm, and like I said… surely they want us to be right deep down… but it can only come from fear of the unknown… but these people are not worth arguing with… so be aware of when things are best left. Say your peace and agree to disagree… don’t sink down to their level and let their aggression and resistance affect you… remember – their behaviour says more about them, than it does about you…
If you start to embrace these spiritual truths, I think you’ll be amazed at how much more support and communication from spirit you start to receive. When we fully embrace our spirituality, and express that outwardly, encompassing it as a way of life and not just a hobby or something to return to in times of crisis, magical things will start to happen…"

So with that in mind, and the fact that we are in an incredibly potent time energetically for manifesting & setting intentions, I am bringing my two paths together, and am outing myself as a Holistic Practitioner, & a Mystic! The time has come for me to merge these 2 parts of my life as it is my goal to be much more authentic in my approach to both areas, and no longer keep the deeper Spiritual stuff separate... it is all part and parcel of the 'Holistic' approach to life after all, and I want to commit as much of my energy to promoting my message, raising the world's vibration, and helping as many people as I can! And the best way for me to do that is to bring it all together!

So if you are deciding to stay with me on this journey, or if you have decided to take your leave, I wish you nothing but love, happiness, laughter & blessings! In this life & the next!