A card for February


Card of the month for February...

By Holistic Holly ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒŒ๐Ÿฆ‹ 


The 4 of Wands....

So far this year is not turning out at all as you were expecting or hoping. We started this year with eclipses, so anything that you originally set out to achieve this year may now be under appraisal. You may wish to change your focus and your goals as we move into the second month of the year, & that is absolutely wonderful.

It shows that you are tuning in and listening in, connecting with your intuition/ higher self, and working out what it is that you need or hope for to serve your highest good and to bring joy into your life.

The train may have been derailed, but only temporarily, to show you that a re-assessment was needed.

You will find that as you re-set your intention, and slightly adjust your course, things will not only run more smoothly, but you will notice the signs and synchronicities from the universe increasing, guiding you in the right direction - to the people, places, things and situations that are ultimately going to connect you with your soul family, your higher purpose and the true version of you in every sense of the world.

The road to get you to where you are now has been long and arduous, you have seen the utopia ahead of you that you have been yearning for, and it just seems to have been forever out of your reach.

The journey you have been on has taught you a great deal, and has strengthened you.

It has altered your perception of the world, and taught you a lot about yourself.

 The blinkers and distractions would still be all around you had you not had to face these hardships and overcome these obstacles that were put in your path to make you choose another way. These have all had a purpose, and they have served it well...

The way forward now is clear, or soon will be, and only a few simple changes and adjustments need to be made for the course to run smooth.

It is all happening at the right time and in the right manner.

It is time to put everything youโ€™ve learned into play, and begin to really enjoy the journey. Soak in your surroundings, look at what brings you joy and dismiss all that doesnโ€™t.

In life some people see rainbows, while others just see the rain. Choose to be the former as opposed to the latter. It is always a choice.

Choose to see the beauty. Choose to see the kindness of the world. Reflect what you wish to attract into your life, and all things are possible.

If you are unsure of the direction to choose, tune into your heart. Ask to be guided. Ask for signs. And have the courage to step up and take action.

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Love and blessings my beautiful soul, and good luck xoxoxoxox