Card of the day

Card of the day - Queen of Cups

Card of the day: 10th July 2018: Queen of Cups

What a wonderful place to be, a wonderful position to be in, and what wonderful things are waiting to unfold for you. You have trusted your inner voice, your inner guidance system, your inner knowing, and you have taken the plunge, perhaps in more ways than one. Maybe diving deep within yourself, maybe making drastic changes within your life, or even committing to a new mindset and a new lifestyle. Well done you, I am so so proud of you!

There is a floaty and ethereal feel to the energy around you at this time, and you must take a moment to pause now and breathe it all in. This is a time to relish.

You are sending out your thoughts to the universe, and your prayers are very much being answered. What you are focusing on, you are manifesting, so keep your thoughts on the things you want the most. The intuition, wisdom and knowledge that you need is coming to you, and you are speaking your truth, clearly and concisely, & showing up for yourself. You are showing your true self to the world, scars and all... Wisdom is being shared, and those who are like you, or can help you on your path, are being drawn to you, for you to connect to one another and help one another move forward.

Now is a time to quieten down & listen, your guides wish to communicate with you...

Emotional churning may soon be evoked with the energy of the eclipse this week, so don’t allow it to knock you off your kilter... instead observe these stirrings, as if you were a spectator in your own mind. Ask where these feelings are coming from and why... ask what lessons are being taught, and how you can learn from them... with intention release them from yourself, and you will soon level up further in your journey of spiritual evolution & self mastery. Spend time alone exploring your emotions, and allow them to wash over you, and wash away... suppressing them or dismissing them would be a mistake, as they will just grow within you and manifest again later down the line... by being aware of them, and allowing them to be consciously released will leave you cleansed, empowered, and ready for the next exciting part of your journey...