About Tarot...

Using Tarot Cards for healing, clearing & manifestation & A Summer Solstice Tarot Spread


Tarot is a Divination tool that has been used by Wise Women, Witches, Oracles and Seers for hundreds and hundreds of years. The history of using cards & images to gain information, insight & clarity can be traced back even further, with evidence of it being used thousands of years ago. It is something that is widely misunderstood, and often never used to it’s full potential! Both Tarot & Oracle cards are an extremely handy tool to have in your repertoire, & if you don’t already use them, this is a great opportunity to learn a little more, and to maybe jump in and have a go!

Tarot cards are a great way of getting an outside view of circumstances in our lives - a way of cutting through the confusion, and seeing things from a different perspective - which is often exactly what we need in life, if we could only get out of our own god damned way! The Tarot is not just about fortune telling and predicting the future, far from it, when used by The Self for The Self, they can have a truly profound effect on our lives. They can assist us in truly knowing what's going on inside, moving ego to one side, to understand our inner workings, and create the shifts needed for true healing and manifestation to take place. With their use we can create the life we want, do the shadow work necessary for true alchemy to take place, and for magic to manifest into our lives.

They are also powerful a tool for gaining a better understanding of our current situation, and help us navigate our way through the present in a way that will benefit us and serve our greatest good in the long run. It helps us see the long game, rather than getting caught up in the stress and anxiety that we may be experiencing in the present.

Doing a spread for yourself is a great way of gaining clarity on where you’ve been and what you’ve been through, as well as helping you realise what you need to focus on, and what you need to release in your life to get you to where you want to be, & also to show yourself a little appreciation. It is such a powerful tool for growth on all levels, and for both your personal and your spiritual development.


Sabbats like Litha/ the Summer Solstice, are a wonderful time to do a spread for yourself, as it is a great opportunity to harness the energies of the changing season and observe the influence they are having on your internal world. The cards can help articulate what it is you need to know to get yourself through the changes smoothly, & whatever is holding you back that you need to release. It is also a great opportunity to check in with yourself to see if you are where you want to be, and think about what it is you want.

The cards can show you what it is you need to focus on, and they truly are a great tool for healing. There is no right or wrong way to use the cards, but when used intuitively and with the right intention, a whole new world of spiritual support and guidance can be accessed - a hard-line to our Ancestors, Guides & Energetic support team can be accessed. A whole range of possibilities is opened up, and with it the sense of support, healing and tangible security that comes with knowing that the invisible realms and your ‘spirit team’ have got your back. It's all about asking the right questions, trusting your intuition, and not allowing your ego to interpret what comes through...

With all of this in mind I have designed a Tarot Spread that you can use this Summer Solstice, to help you move forward in more ways than one!

Whether or not you use the Guidebook that comes with the cards, or you work entirely intuitively, I recommend that you record the cards and what they mean to you in a Journal or Notebook. Not only will this allow you to revisit what comes through later on, it will also help to move your conscious mind out of the way, allowing you to understand the true meaning of the cards – and as you write, it is not uncommon to channel even more wisdom onto the pages...


Card 1 – Where I am Now;

Card 2 – What have I learned over this past cycle of the sun?;

Card 3 – What have I overcome?

Card 4 – What do I have to celebrate?;

Card 5 – What do I need to remember over this coming season?

Card 6 – What should my next course of action be?*

Card 7 – A message from my Ancestors, Spirit Guides & Energetic Support Team.

You can repeat this spread for different areas of your life if you wish, and you can draw more than one card for each one if you would like some more clarity. Card 6 is highlighted with a '*', this is just to highlight that the word 'should' is used, and to state that this is only a recommended course of action to serve your highest good. The choice to act or not is always down to you.

I really hope that you enjoy this spread, and that it helps you find clarity and magic in your life!

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about Tarot or other forms of divination, especially with regards to personal or spiritual development!


Love & Blessings beautiful ones, Namaste, & have a truly blessed Litha!

Holistic Holly, The Holistic Mystic