Card of the Day - 19/06/18

Card of the day - Star

This card represents a shift in focus... you are rising up, like a phoenix out of the ashes. This can relate to a specific situation, or to your life in general. You have begun singing your song, and you are singing from a different song book...

You are no longer focusing on the obstacles, the difficulties, the challenges you have faced, or the damage you have endured...

You are now focusing on your inner light, what it is you have gained from your experiences, and where you want to go.

You are coming into awareness, more so now than ever, that there is more to you than your story. There is more to you than the experiences that have shaped your life, the persona you portray to the world, and the emotions that you feel.

Your emotions are no longer controlling you.

You are looking back at your past with a different perspective, and you are gathering up the parts of yourself that need to be healed, leaving those parts of you that you no longer need behind you.

You are stripping yourself down to the bare bones of who you are, and what you are.... and you are liberated, empowered, and unstoppable!

Know that you are a beacon of light to others, like the stars in the sky that helped sailors navigate their way home. We teach others best by showing them how it is done, & as is the case with all things, your light and your energy is contagious. As you heal, you inspire others to do the same. As you correct your negative beliefs and negative self talk, you inspire this change in others.

So rise up beautiful star...remember who you are... rise up out of the ruins, and shine bright. You are about to experience a massive breakthrough in your healing journey, so take time to pause and enjoy the moment, the new found clarity, and the liberation from confusion and uncertainty. When you next go to take a step forward trust your intuition, and move forward only when you are ready to do so.

Love, Light & Many Blessings!


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