'Opening up' An exercise to help you to connect with your Ancestors, Angels & Guides


Spiritual/ Psychic development tips:

Here is a powerful tool  used by spiritual mediums & Psychics the world over, to assist them in expanding their energies and raising their vibration to enable communication with beings from a higher realm (Ancestors, angels, guides, & other non-physical beings).

It is known in spiritual circles as 'opening up', & it is done before one reaches out to receive communication. It is important that one does this with appropriate prayers & visualisations, as well as discernment, to protect oneself from any tricksy spirits who may draw close. (Not all spirits are love & light. Some who draw close do not always have your best interests at heart, & may have their own agenda.)

'Closing down' & clearing afterwards is very important so you are not walking around like a beacon, or a sponge that will absorb the energies of others, (or having your energies drained by others). This is why spiritually sensitive people can be easily drained by negative, emotional, or energy hungry people.

'Opening up' exercise -
After grounding your energy, spend a few moments focusing on your breath & connecting with your spirit team, & setting your intentions and requests.

Visualise each of your main 7 chakras as a flower in their respective colours. One at a time, starting at the root and finishing at the crown, visualise the flowers opening up and uncurling their petals until they are in full bloom. Once the crown is opened and expanded visualise a beam of light traveling down from the heavens, entering your body through the crown flower, traveling down through all of the others. Do this with the intention that you are protected, that everything that comes through to you comes through for your highest good,& the highest good for those you are with, & that it comes through in love, light, truth & sincerity.

You can now commence your card reading, visualisation, journey, journalling, etc. open and connected to spirit - channeling love, wisdom, healing, & energy from source.

When you are finished, 'close down', by copying the opening visualisation in reverse. Imagine the flowers closing and  reducing in size, from your crown down until you reach your solar plexus. The bottom chakras benefit from staying expanded. Then ground down, and visualise your energy being cleansed by a white light washing over you (to clear any energies in your aura you may have picked up whilst you were 'open'. (Especially important when doing readings for others)).
Now thank all of those who drew close to you and also source energy for the insights, support, guidance, wisdom and healing that was received during the exercise.

IMPORTANT: Do not practise this when you are experiencing extreme emotions. You should spend some time in meditation bringing yourself to a state of calm before beginning this practise.

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