Tarot card for New Moon in Libra

Card of the day - The Chariot

Tarot Card for Libra New Moon:

The Chariot Reversed

The way ahead seems a little fuzzy at the moment. You have been experiencing so many new ideas and so much inspiration, but the next step does not seem clear right now. But this is for a reason. It is time now to pause, reflect, and journey inwards. Spend time in contemplation – reflecting and getting to the root of any little niggles you have been experiencing, getting clear on certain things that you have perhaps been trying to brush over. It is time to express some love for yourself, spend some time doing some self care, and calm any disrupted emotions. You need to check that your words, ideas and actions are all in alignment and focusing on the same outcome. Sometimes without even realising we are sabotaging our dreams and ambitions, and are preventing our desires from manifesting by sending out mixed signals to the universe.

Exercise: While practising deep breathing, (perhaps while you are doing yoga, if that is your thing), have the intention that every exhale is releasing all that is not serving you right now, and that every inhalation brings light and clarity to your situation. Ask to be shown what it is that you need to change as you move forward, in order for you to get back in alignment with your intentions. Do this for several minutes, returning your focus to your breath periodically, or when you notice your concentration wandering. When you are finished, take a pen and paper or open a memo/word document, and write out all of the things that come to mind. You may very well be blown away by how much this can help, and bring the answers that you are looking for.

When you are finished, express gratitude for the light, the love, and the support and inspiration that you have received, and remember that this is a tool that you can use any time you need it. I hope that this has been helpful!

If you do need some extra support, or if you would like more clarity on this situation, then message me now to book in for a more in depth personal reading! I do them in person or online!

Love and blessings!

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