A brief intro to Spiritual Healing


Various esoteric sources have long suggested that humans are capable of healing one another by utilising the special energy potentials which are brought into each life time.


It's had many names throughout the centuries:

- laying on of hands healing,

- psychic/spiritual healing,

- Therapeutic touch.


In the last several decades modern technology and the consciousness of enlightened scientists has evolved to the point where laboratory confirmation of subtle energetic healing has been made possible.


Not only can this be performed by being in a close physical proximity to the person in question, but it can also be done across vast distances, from the sending of healing thoughts, visualisation prayers and energy. It is based on the belief that all beings are interconnected by a universal life force or energy, also known as ki, chi and prana. Thoughts send out subtle energetic charges into the web of interconnection and out to the person being thought about. Some people also believe that the process is assisted by Spirit & Healing Guides.


I have a weekly healing list, and I sit down to send healing every Sunday evening. If you would like your name added or the name of someone you know please get in touch or leave a comment below! This is a completely free service, and names added will remain on the list for 6 weeks (or longer if required). If you have any questions please ask, & if you would like to know more or would like to connect and send healing at the same time, please get in touch or join my Dawn of the New Age Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/172691266140029/)


Love light and many blessings!


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