Welcome & Bright Blessings friends!

I’m Holly, a Modern Day Mystic, Spiritual Medium & Healer, here on Earth with a mission. If you are here now, it is absolutely for a reason, and if you have been drawn to this web page it is for a purpose.



I help those who are ready, get

Centred - Present in the moment and living from their heart Centre,

Aligned - Mind, Body & Spirit, with their true self, soul’s calling, and life purpose,

& Connected - With Source / Spirit / The universe, their higher selves, their intuition & their divinity.

I aspire to inspire & empower others to live happier, healthier and more spiritual lives, to understand their ability to heal themselves, to tap into the support that is all around us from our ancestors, angels & guides - and to learn to understand that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, everything is energy, and that we all have the ability to tap into and communicate with the energetic fields that surround us...

This powerful knowledge changes absolutely everything about our experience of the world and everything in it.

I offer a wide range of Holistic & Ayurvedic therapies in South Wales, UK, working from premises in Cardiff & Bridgend, as well as offering readings in person and online, Bespoke packages, Guided meditations, Workshops, and much more...

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Email holly@hollysholistichealing.co.uk now to see how I can help you.

Love, light, & laughter!